26   Heavy-Duty Hardware
By Amy Barabas, PE, and Tom Barabas, PE
A steel-plate solution and visionary design elevate a top-tier computer science facility from functional to fabulous.

34   Engineering the Building of Buildings
By Andrew Twarek, SE, PE
Construction engineering is a diverse, challenging, and crucial branch of structural engineering that ranges from shoring supports to designing for temporary loads on existing structures.

40   Revisiting Redundancy in Steel Bridges: Part Three
By Jason Lloyd, PE, PhD, and Matthew Hebdon, PE, PhD
Want to exploit member-level redundancy? A new AASHTO resource can help.


45   A New Level of Intelligence 
By Robert Otani, PE, and Badri Hiriyur, PhD
How will AI transform your design and forensic processes?

48   Looking toward Tomorrow
By Jennifer Traut-Todaro
An NASCC: The Steel Conference panel discussion looks to transform equity in the steel construction, seen as innovative today, into the norm tomorrow.

50   A Real Look at your Job Site
By Thad Wester
Reality capture can tell you everything you’ve wanted to know about your steel project, providing a heads-up on otherwise unknown conditions and also saving multiple trips to the site.

54   Solving the Puzzle
By Carol Drucker, SE, PE, PEng, and Sayle Lewis, PE
When delegating connection design, be sure to provide a clear, full picture of your intent.

56   A Temporary (but Crucial) Plan
By Troy Dye, SE, Barry Arnold, SE, PE, and Ryan Godfrey
A properly planned temporary erection plan can help ensure a safe and successful steel project.



16   Delegating Connection Design
By Clifford Schwinger, PE
Just because you delegate connection design doesn’t mean you’re not still responsible for it. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your decision to delegate.

field notes
20   Running Free
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
When AISC vice president of market development Tabitha Stine isn’t running her staff of nearly 30 or a youth sports league of nearly 900, she’s just running.

business issues
23   Bring Confidence to the Table
By Jim Reeves
Confidence is the key to effective negotiation. Here are some thoughts on how to build it.