24    What’s Cool in Steel
Every year, Modern Steel presents a compendium of fun projects showcasing the cool use of steel. The 2020 list includes a Mississippi facility geared toward maximum entertainment, an Oregon pedestrian bridge that blends in with nature, a striking stage in Iowa’s capital city, a Philadelphia high-rise with an attention-commanding truss, and several other attractive steel wonders. And in addition to these recently constructed projects, we’re featuring a blast (zone) from the past that demonstrates the staying power of steel.

54    Picturing the Future
The winners of a student research competition share what they’ve learned about a variety of steel projects, old and new.

58    Almost There
By Geoff Weisenberger
Despite taking place entirely online, SteelDay 2020 sees a big jump in participation from last year.


16    The Short Shank Redemption
By Gian A. Rassati, PhD, James A. Swanson, PhD, and Chad M. Larson
Expert advice on bolt design for structural joints.

field notes
20    Make It Here
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Atlas Tube CEO Barry Zekelman doesn’t just want you to use American-made steel. He wants you to use American-made everything.

business issues
22    Connect and Collect
By Anne Scarlett
Your clients are eager to talk. Now is the time to set up a client perception survey to connect with them and collect their thoughts.