24    Super Fast, Super Tall
By Steven R. Witkowski, PE, and Darren R. Hartman, PE
In a city known for the tallest buildings and fastest pace of life in the country, a supertall skyscraper opens early thanks to an innovative steel connection design and modeling process.

30    Core Value
By Devin Huber, PE, PhD, and Amit Varma, PhD
The first in a multi-part series on SpeedCore covers what influenced the system, how it was developed, relevant research, design and fabrication considerations, and the reason for its name.

38    Century Club: Tarrier Steel
By Geoff Weisenberger
AISC is 100! And we’re featuring our longest continuously running member fabricators throughout 2021.


40    Thinking Inside the (Big) Box
By Shelley R. Clark, SE, PE, and Travis P. Corigliano, SE, PE
Four insights for successfully repurposing anchor big box stores.

44    NASCC: The Steel Conference 2021 Exhibitor List
AISC’s annual list of companies and organizations exhibiting (virtually, this year) at NASCC: The Steel Conference.



16    Lasting Longer
By Jonathan Stratton, Kyle Smith, PE, SE, and Jason B. Lloyd, PE, PhD
A new series of AASHTO/NSBA documents will provide guidance on common repairs to extend steel bridge service life.

field notes
20    Raising the Bar
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Vicki O’Leary’s mission is to make the ironworking profession more equitable and safer, one heart and mind at a time.

business issues
22    Effective Networking for Introverted Engineers
By Jennifer Anderson
Here are four techniques to successfully navigate networking.