28    Repaired and Reopened: Rapidly
By Brandon Chavel, PE, PhD
A partial fracture takes a steel Interstate bridge out of commission—but only briefly, because it’s a steel Interstate bridge.

32    Cantilevering Over COVID
By Bryan Covington, PE
Collaboration and cantilevers define a new North Carolina community college classroom building.

36    Connected for Life
By Dani Friedland
Meet the five new Life Members of the Research Council on Structural Connections.

40    The Material of Choice
By Craig Collins
The third chapter of a forthcoming book on the first century of AISC focuses on growing the market for structural steel, including the rise of the mini-mill.

44    Post-Pandemic Possibilities
The winners of this year’s Steel Design Student Competition anticipate and design for a post-pandemic world.



16    Against the Wind
By Soheil Shafaei, PhD, Devin Huber, PE, PhD, and Amit Varma, PhD
A look at wind design considerations for the SpeedCore system.

data driven
22    Backlogs Bounce Back
By Joe Dardis
AISC member fabricators provide some insight on how they’ve been faring in the current construction climate. Long story short: Backlogs are up, but labor remains a challenge.

field notes
24    Three Degrees of Engineering
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Larry Muir took an unorthodox path to getting his various engineering degrees. But it led him to connection design and consulting success.

business issues
26    The Unexpected Mentor
By Dan Coughlin
Purpose checks are more powerful than paychecks.