26   Raising the Level of Pediatric Care
By Jeffrey S. Davis, PE, and David M. Hudson
VCU Health’s new addition to its children’s hospital complex uses an existing building as a launchpad to reach new heights.

36   Tied with a Ribbon
By Derek M. Beaman, SE, PE, and C. Stephen Pool, SE, PE
The newly expanded Las Vegas Convention Center’s architecturally expressive “ribbon” roof is designed to dazzle and inspire.

42   Orthotropic Outlook
By Eric M. Helt, PE
New Jersey expands its bridge design repertoire by taking advantage of an orthotropic deck solution for a replacement vertical lift bridge.

Conference Preview
50   Machine Learning
By Robert Otani, PE
A subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning has made great strides in all sorts of industries—and it can do the same for the AEC industry.

Conference Preview
52   Designing for Resilience
By Kevin S. Moore
Structural engineers have a unique role and opportunity when it comes to building more resilient communities and infrastructure.

Conference Preview
55   Finding Failure
By Craig Quadrato, PE, PhD
A panel discussion at NASCC: The Steel Conference will let the audience vote on the controlling factor in five stability failure scenarios.

Conference Preview
59   Winning Change Orders
By Michael Senneway
Change orders happen. Steel fabricators and erectors should have a plan in place for recovering costs when change orders happen to them.



16   Stainless Steel, By the Book
By Michael Mulhern, PE, and Eric Bolin
AISC’s new structural stainless steel code smooths a path for the proper designation and design of structural stainless steel.

Data Driven
20   Warehouse Surge
By Joe Dardis
Warehouse work currently offers a lot of opportunity for steel construction.

Field Notes
22   All-around Architectural Enthusiast
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
An AISC steel specialist leverages his diverse background to help design teams make the most of their structural steel projects.

Business Issues
24   Early Integration
By Jef Sharp
Fabricators can benefit in myriad ways from an integrated steel delivery model.