28   On the Right Track
By Rob Graper, SE, PE
The team for a new world-class indoor sports facility in Spokane, Wash., updated its original framing system design to be a winning fit for the venue.

36   Elevating the Story
By Xiaoxiao Wu, PE, and David Himelman
A new steel-framed museum in Charleston, S.C., floats above its waterfront location and tells the stories of the people it celebrates.

44   Mighty Bridge over the Mighty Mississippi
By Ahmad Abu Afifeh, PE
The new I-74 bridge over the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois, designed as a landmark structure, looked to grade 70 steel and stainless steel anchor rods to reduce maintenance for a planned 100-year service life.

Conference Preview
52   Applicable Analysis
By Rafael Scudelari de Macedo and Luiz Francisco Scudelari de Macedo
Learn about the intersection of connection design and finite element analysis at NASCC: The Steel Conference.

Conference Preview
54   Buying Green
By Max Puchtel, SE, PE, and John Cross, PE
As the prevalence of Buy Clean laws and the demand for environmental product declarations increase, it’s important to stay up to date on these and other sustainability-related topics.

Conference Preview
58   Upward Expansion  
By Pat Hassett, SE, and James Acevedo
The host building for last year’s NASCC: The Steel Conference, the Colorado Convention Center, provides an erection engineering lesson at this year’s conference.



16   Seismic Harmonization
By Larry Kruth, PE, and Mike Gase
Updates to Chapter J of the AISC Seismic Provisions and harmonization with the AISC Specification will result in simpler seismic design for steel structures.

18   Turning up the Heat
By Kristi Sattler, SE, PE, PhD, Amit H. Varma, PhD, and Farid Alfawakhiri, PEng, PhD
An updated and expanded Appendix 4 in the new AISC Specification provides more consolidated and comprehensive guidance on fire design.

Data Driven
22   Get Smart (with Data)
By Brian Raff
AISC’s construction industry database can help you leverage market intelligence to make smart business decisions.

Field Notes
24   Steel Saga
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Larry Kruth has dedicated the majority of his life to the structural steel industry as a practicing engineer, a fabricator, a safety expert, an instructor, a committee volunteer, and an AISC vice president. And even though he recently retired (for the second time), his work with the industry will continue.

Business Issues
26   Mindful Selling
By Doug Jones and Michael Senneway
Successfully selling in today’s c­­onstruction world is about much more than the bottom line.