32   Forging a New Steel Story
By Brian Sherman, PE, and Sean Pousley
A recently completed multi-use complex helps lift an old steel town to new heights.

38   Vital Link
By Nick Staroski, SE, PE
The rebuilt Merchants Bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Louis is a vital link in creating the international supply chain of the future.

46   Going Big with Castellated Beams
By Julie Low
Thanks to schedule and supply chain challenges, a new distribution facility in Georgia becomes the country’s largest known castellated beam project.

52   All Hands on (Steel) Deck
By Geoff Weisenberger
Hands-on events at ironworker training facilities across the country were the name of the game for AISC’s 2022 SteelDay.

Conference Preview
55   Connection Design: Do the Dos, Avoid the Don’ts
By Mara Braselton, PE
There are plenty of connection design pitfalls out there. Recognizing them will help you avoid them.

Conference Preview
57   Double-Wide
By Frank Artmont, PE, PhD
A bridge team looks to a concrete-filled steel tube solution to expand the width and extend the life of a river crossing in Tennessee.

Conference Preview
59   Reliable Rigging
By Scott Seppers
Understanding the basics of rigging is crucial to safe, efficient lifts on steel construction sites.



14   Advances in Composite Construction
By Christina Harber, SE, PE
Chapter I of the upcoming 2022 AISC Specification includes expanded options and upgrades related to composite construction.

18   Talking through the Code
By Babette Freund, Bill Andrews, Philip Torchio, and Jonathan Tavarez
A “conversation” between an engineer, a fabricator, and an erector provides a look into the latest version of the AISC Code of Standard Practice.

Data Driven
26   New Year, New Outlook
By Jeff Carlson
While bridge construction costs rose significantly over the past couple of years, things appear to be leveling off, and steel bridges are positioned for a strong 2023.

Field Notes
28   Lifelong Learner and Teacher
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Chris Raebel’s life thus far has been a fruitful and varied journey, all without having to stray from the city he loves—Milwaukee—for too long.

Business Issues
31   Focusing Outward
By Dan Coughlin
Inner focus is essential, but so is focusing on the needs of others. If you provide value to others, everyone eventually wins.