26   Elevated Experience
By Lana Potapova
The sleek, steel Park Union Bridge provides a vital link in the renaissance of downtown Colorado Springs.

32   Simplifying Apparent Complexity
By Matthew Johnson, PE, Gillian Love, PE, Tyler Miller,
Chase Slavin, SE, and Peter Stubb, AIA

A project involving a complex, angular new icon on the banks of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor became much simpler thanks to a collaborative, model-based process.

40   Teaming Up to Deliver Hope
By Michael Herrmann, PE
A collaborative process optimized the steel package for a children’s hospital addition specializing in mental health services.

46   Fast-Acting Tub Girders
By Guy Nelson, SE, PE
A press-brake-formed tub girder solution comes to the (speedy) rescue to replace a washed-out bridge in Tennessee.

52   2023 Hot Products
Every year, NASCC: The Steel Conference’s exhibit hall includes the latest innovative solutions for creating and building successful structural steel projects.


16   Designed for Speed
By Amit H. Varma, PhD, Morgan Broberg, Soheil Shafaei, PhD, and Ataollah Anvari
A new AISC publication provides guidance on designing buildings with the SpeedCore system.

Data Driven
20   Quantifying Resilience
By Brian Raff
Insurance rates reflect the superiority of steel construction.

Field Notes
22   Rebuilding a Business
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Nearly two decades ago, David Zalesne left a successful legal career in Philadelphia to revive a steel fabrication shop in South Carolina—and he’s never looked back.

Business Issues
24   Engaging in Ethics
By Kyle Payne, PhD
Unethical behavior can send a company’s upward trajectory into a tailspin. Learning to understand and address it can help you strengthen the trust of your employees and customers.