28   First Time’s the Charm
By James Savage, SE, PE
The new Hubbard Center expansion to Omaha’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center marks two significant construction firsts for Nebraska while adding much-needed space.

36   Building Business
By Blake Rhood, PE, and Jason Squitiere, PE
West Virginia University’s new steel-framed Reynolds Hall is designed to innovate business education in the Mountain State and beyond.

44   Southern Exposure
By Justin Barton, SE, PE
Exposed steel scores the winning goal as the dominant architectural characteristic at Nashville’s Major League Soccer stadium.

52   Park Avenue Premiere
By Tim Bradshaw, PE
The full-block 425 Park Avenue tower stands tall thanks to a collaborative approach and ASTM A913 Grade 70 steel, a first for the Big Apple.

58   Racing to Charlotte
By Geoff Weisenberger, Megan Erickson, and Kate Duby
This year’s NASCC: The Steel Conference was, once again, the biggest ever.


16   Thinking Inelastically
By Mark Denavit, PE, PhD, and Ron Ziemian, PE, PhD
Considering inelastic analysis? Here are some recommendations.

Data Driven
20   Filling the Labor Gap
By Brian Raff
The shortage of construction trade jobs represents an ongoing struggle that can have a significant negative impact on steel projects, but the solutions are out there—and AISC is making a concerted effort to leverage them.

Field Notes
22   Living by the Code
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Extensive work with building codes as they relate to steel construction has been a defining characteristic of Robert Wills’ award-winning career.

Business Issues
24   Mapping Value
By Barry J. Bruns
Value stream mapping has the potential to be a valuable tool for steel fabricators.