24   Energy Efficient
By Jeffrey Chan, PE, Shamil Lallani, and Florian Meier, PE
Dramatic steel cantilevers and an innovative façade design help an energy research laboratory save energy.

30   A Bet on Steel
By Joe Porada, SE, PE, Kevin Jackson, SE, PE, and Chris Porst, SE
A new sportsbook adjacent to Wrigley Field showcases steel’s ability to integrate into an existing structure.

38   Rapid Response
By Brenda Crudele, PE, Julianne Fuda, PE, and Ronnie Medlock, PE
The steel industry’s emergency repair skills ensured a replacement for a flood-damaged upstate New York bridge opened within mere months.

46   Artistic Connections
By Kaitlyn M. Palmer, SE, PE, Nathan C. Roy, PE, Kevin Bergeron, AIA, and Michael Prattico, AIA
An innovative fine arts building used steel to achieve its desired open layout and undulating glass façade, helping make it a campus centerpiece.

54   Architect’s Angle
Interview by Patrick Engel
An architect shares his perspective on designing with the SpeedCore structural system.


14   Doubling Up on HSS
By Jeffrey A. Packer, PEng, PhD
AISC’s second edition of Design Guide 24 more than doubles the resources for hollow structural section connection design.

Field Notes
19   Veteran Voice
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Prominent fabrication engineer Mark Holland’s first employer is so far his only one—after four decades.

Business Issues
22   Deciding on Delegated Design
By Edward Seglias
Delegated design can work for many steel projects, but understanding the risks beforehand is crucial.