26   Second Lives
By Brian McSweeney, SE, PE, and Jamese Spears, PE
Adaptive reuse is a powerful tool for reducing embodied carbon in construction.

32   Flying By
By Vinod Patel, SE, PE and Hemal Patel, SE, PE
Tight urban spaces and strict displacement tolerances were overcome in designing and erecting a flyover at a critical CTA interchange.

40   Crafting a Coat
By John Krzywicki
An updated tool now makes it easier than ever for engineers to estimate the service life of zinc coatings and predict their performance.

44   Add to the Toolbox
By Carlos de Oliveira, PEng, Curt Decker, SE, PE, PhD, and Mark Douglass, PhD
Versatility and new advancements have made additive manufacturing a real option in connection design.

Conference Preview
50   Growth Challenges
By Ricky Horton
Maintaining efficiency while growing from small operation to large company is often a fabrication business’s biggest hurdle.

Conference Preview
55   Builder Friendly
By Clifford Schwinger, PE
Constructability should be an important consideration during design.

58   Bridging the Gap
By Ed Avery, Jim Foreman, SE, PE, Wyatt Soeffing, and Alex Stone, SE, PE
Even though thermal break pads in steel construction are not yet incorporated in building codes, they’re a smart way to avoid a costly serviceability issue.


16   Table Talk
By Eric Bolin and Thomas M. Murray, PE, PhD
Grade 50 connection material is highlighted in the reformatted and updated Part 10 tables in the 16th Edition Steel Construction Manual.

Field Notes
21   Connecting the Dots
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
John Schuepbach links people from all corners of the North American structural steel industry.

Business Issues
23   The Rise of Robotics
By Adam MacDonald
Robotic machinery is an opportunity for fabricators, not a danger, and picking the right technology is crucial to successful implementation.