30   Fork in the Road
By Kevin Damron, PE, Adam DeMargel, John Michael Johnson, and Brad Robson, PE
Environmental constraints prompted mid-project design changes to a new steel bridge in Kentucky.

38   Banking on Steel
By Paul Constantini, SE, PE, Greg Martin, PE, and Mary Stanzione, PE
Installing a larger video board at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park required extensive research on the existing support structure before any construction began.

44   Airport Overhaul
By Chris Adams, PE, Isabela Gonzalez, PE, Richard Haight, and Thomas Lutza
A balcony extension and frame conversion were the greatest challenges in remodeling Denver International Airport’s Great Hall.

Conference Preview
51   Special Steel
By James Pawlikowski, SE
Hybrid structural systems can create a striking visual, but only if a meticulous and layered design process is done well.

Conference Preview
52   A Nonconformance Walks Into a CAR
By Tim Duke
Through the nonconformance and corrective action process, an effective quality management system can acknowledge, address, and correct internal missteps as easily as outside ones.

Conference Preview
55   NASCC: The Steel Conference 2024 Exhibitor List


16   Stay Stable
By Bo Dowswell, PE, PhD
Beam stability in industrial structures requires careful consideration of unique conditions during the design process.

Field Notes
23   Bridge Authority
Interview by Geoff Weisenberger
Rob Connor has helped make Purdue University a leader in steel bridge research.

Business Issues
26   The Significance of Soft Skills
By Erin Conaway, PE
Four engineers concur that non-technical acumen was crucial in their rise to leadership positions.