Steel Shots: Prize-Winning Bridges

Shenandoah River BridgeThe Shenandoah River Bridge Delta Frame in Jefferson County, W.Va., is a Prize Bridge Major Span award winner in NSBA’s 2014 Prize Bridge awards program. To accommodate increasing travel demands, the West Virginia Division of Highways initiated a project to improve West Virginia 9, including a new bridge across the Shenandoah River. The design team developed a steel delta frame design that delivered significant savings compared to proposals for more traditional designs. The resulting signature shape of the Shenandoah River Bridge is as pleasing to the bottom line as it is to the eye. Photo: Keith Philpott

Every other year, NSBA’s Prize Bridge Awards recognize the most innovative and significant steel bridges constructed in the U.S. and is the highest honor bestowed on steel bridge projects by the U.S. structural steel industry.

This year’s 13 Prize Bridge winners were announced at the combined 2014 World Steel Bridge Symposium and NASCC: The Steel Conference last month in Toronto. The awards were presented to winners in a variety of categories covering an array of project types including: Major Span; Long Span; Medium Span; Short Span; Moveable Span; Reconstructed; and Special Purpose. Recognition was also given to projects that best exemplified Accelerated Bridge Construction and Sustainability.

Winning projects were selected based on innovation, aesthetics, and design and engineering solutions by a jury of engineering and construction professionals.

You can view this year’s winners in NSBA’s press release, and all of them will be featured in the June issue of Modern Steel, with detailed project descriptions and photographs of each.

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