The Power of a (Retro) Logo

A recent article published in Slate magazine talks about why staying true to your brand never goes out of style–and AISC serves as a prime example. 

The article examines how The Southeastern Conference, or SEC, has succeeded in their recent branding efforts with a new anti-modern logo featuring their traditional conference initials confined within a circle, derived from a common monogramming technique and most closely associated with the period before 1960.

The article says, “The genius of SEC branding is that it wholeheartedly embraces a logo with such an antiquated style. Doing so allows the conference to project an image steeped in tradition, heritage, and authenticity, one that resonates with its fans, particularly in the South, where nostalgia for an idealized past remains strong.”

The AISC logo is shown in the article as an example of this retro-style pinwheel design. It’s stayed the organization’s graphic mark since 1922, with only a few minor adjustments since then, and remains a visual fixture in the structural steel industry.

Read the article to learn why the retro logo is considered a ‘brilliant’ work of modern design.