AISC Completes Bridge Fabricator Certification Program Conversion

All participants in AISC's certification program for bridge fabricators have now transitioned to a standard-based bridge certification program, which replaces the previous checklist criteria. "The transition is part of AISC's efforts to advance the bridge fabricator certification to best serve both the industry (including applicants and certified participants) and the bridge marketplace (including contracting authorities, specifiers and general contractors)," explained Jacques Cattan, AISC's vice president responsible for certification.

The transition completes a two-year process of converting bridge participants and applicants to the AISC Bridge Certification Requirements. In addition, the program requirements introduce the certification categories of Certified Bridge Fabricator: Simple (SBR), Intermediate (IBR), and Advanced (ABR).

Certificates will temporarily continue to include either the “Intermediate/Major” or “Advanced/Major” designations to allow transportation departments additional time to update their standard specifications. If you have additional questions, please contact AISC Certification at or 312.670.7520.