AISC to Release New Certification Requirements

AISC will post the new Program Requirements for its Building Fabricator and updated Erector Quality Management System (QMS) Certification Program on August 1. These documents will be the governing criteria for the each program and will reference their respective standards—the Standard for Steel Building Structures (AISC 201-06) for building fabricators and the new Standard for Structural Steel Erectors – 2013 (AISC 206-13) for erectors.

For the Erector Program, this negates the former erector checklists and existing categories (Certified Steel Erector and Advanced Certified Steel Erector), a move previously accomplished with AISC’s Fabricator QMS Programs. Previously, companies were audited to checklists, which were intended to demonstrate they had created the required management and quality procedures. The updated program is designed to ensure companies not only say they have procedures in place, but are actually following them. 

New erector applicants must meet the new Program Requirements on September 1 when applying for Erector Certification. For current erector participants, the conversion between the “Certified and Advanced Certified Erector Checklists” and the new erector requirements will begin on August 1, 2015. The conversion is mandatory for all participants and will be completed in August 2016. Starting August 1, 2014, current erector participants will be will be given a gap analysis during their annually scheduled audit.

New building fabricator applicants must meet the new Program Requirements on September 1 when applying for Building Fabricator Certification. Current building fabricator participants must meet the new requirements on August 1, 2015.

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