Project Plan Room App

Dexter + Chaney, providers of Spectrum Construction Software, has unveiled its new Project Plan Room mobile app (click on image to enlarge). The app allows users to distribute construction documents, communicate data and relay project information in real time to employees’ and subcontractors’ mobile devices on the jobsite. It follows the recently-released Payroll Time Entry app as the second mobile app offered by the company.
The Project Plan Room app was designed to increase efficiency and collaboration between field staff and the office. It synchronizes with Spectrum’s Plan Room application, providing project team members access to the latest versions of plans, specifications, drawings and other documents. Users can also zoom in on documents for more details or a closer look at drawings and sketches. 
The app works online or offline, with no dependency on an Internet connection in order to operate or view documents. Once an Internet connection is established, synchronizing with Spectrum for updates or new document versions is a one-tap function.
The Project Plan Room app was developed for Android, Apple, and Windows Surface tablets and is currently available from the online app stores.