AISC Releases Program Requirements for Certified Erectors of Structural Steel

After reviewing and incorporating public comments, AISC has released the Program Requirements for AISC Certified Erectors of Structural Steel for the Erector Quality Management System (QMS) Certification Program. This is the governing program document and references the Standard for Structural Steel Erectors. The use of governing requirement documents began with the recently completed and successful conversion of the bridge certification program from a checklist to a standard-based certification scheme. The goal is to provide consistency, clarity and transparency to the program requirements and processes. The requirements supersede the former erector checklist criteria and existing categories (Certified Steel Erector and Advanced Certified Steel Erector).

“The updated program is designed to ensure companies have quality procedures in place and demonstrate they are actually following them,” said Jacques Cattan, AISC vice president. ”AISC’s certification programs continue to offer the industry a valuable means for qualifying companies and serves as an effective way for those companies to communicate their commitment and capability with respect to quality.”

The AISC QMS Certification Program is designed specifically to examine the unique requirements of structural steel erectors and fabricators. The goal of the program is to embed a quality management system within an organization to increase productivity, which helps to reduce unnecessary costs and ensure the quality of processes.

The Erector Requirements will supersede the current checklist criteria for new applicants on February 2, 2015. Additionally, a Certification Bulletin will be released to address the transition of current erector participants.

For the latest program updates, please visit, which includes additional information and resources. If you have questions or comments, please contact AISC’s Certification Department at