AISC Certification Begins Electronic Notifications

AISC Certification, in response to participant feedback, has started using email communications to notify participants during various stages of the certification process. Each notification is targeted to the appropriate staff contact as provided by the participant and recorded in the Certification Database. These targeted notifications will improve communication by having more than one staff member receive the audit date and invoice information.

Please note the following notifications will be sent from Appropriate contacts will receive the following three critical notifications:

  1. Audit Date and Invoice Informational Notification to Principle Contact
  2. Invoice Notification to Accounts Payable
  3. Fabricators: Audit Date and Approval Notification to Management Representative for Quality (Certification Contact)
    Erectors: Audit Date, Job Project Listings for Onsite Audit, and Approval Notification to Management Representative for Quality (Certification Contact)

In addition, AISC will begin noting participant's physical address on future certificates providing further clarity and transparency to the construction marketplace (including contracting authorities, specifiers and general contractors).

A Certification Bulletin for participants will be forthcoming, along with an article in Modern Steel Construction. If you have additional questions, please contact AISC Certification at or 312.670.7520.