2015 IgCC Available for Pre-Order

The first model U.S. code focused on green building design and performance of new and existing commercial buildings, the International Green Construction Code (IgCC), has been updated and is available for pre-order.

Key changes in the 2015 edition address material recycling and salvaging, material selection, exterior lighting zones, infiltration rate testing for pervious pavement, acoustics, daylighting and commissioning.

Unlike LEED--which is a voluntary rating system where designers can choose certain areas on which to focus in an effort to gain the desired number of points or credits--the IgCC has established enforceable minimum requirements for every aspect of building design and construction for projects in jurisdictions that adopt it. Local and state governments have the choice of adopting the code but once they do, it’s enforceable. They can also add their own requirements that address local concerns, as well as choose whether to apply it to the entire jurisdiction or on a per-project basis.

The code is expected to be available for shipping next week.