Building Content Summit Coming to Washington July 22

Revit Technology Conference (RTC) organizers have announced the inaugural Building Content Summit (BCS) will be held July 22 in Washington, D.C. prior to the RTC. The conference is aimed at gathering manufacturers, engineers, BIM creators and architects to discuss improving BIM content.

The summit’s goal is to engage attendees and help them gain a better understanding of the unique challenges facing each industry in connection with the creation and utilization of BIM Content. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet professionals from groups that are affected by the creation and use of BIM in different arenas and ways, allowing an overview of issues faced by all professionals involved. The event is open to all industry professionals interested in attending.

“This is a unique opportunity within the BIM community,” said Parley Burnett, event co-chairman and INVIEWlabs director of technical solutions. “Building designers and manufacturers rarely come together to understand one another's needs. This is a chance to change that. Though there are complicated content problems to solve, we are confident that passionate individuals can help lead discussions around content for years to come.”

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