SJI Releases Updated Floor Vibrations Digest

The Steel Joist Institute (SJI) has released an updated version of Technical Digest No. 5 Vibration of Steel Joist – Concrete Slab Floors, developed by Thomas M. Murray, P.E., Ph.D., emeritus professor of Structural Steel Design at Virginia Tech, and Brad Davis, S.E., Ph.D., University of Kentucky. The publication illustrates the proper way to determine the response of steel joist-supported slab flooring systems subjected to human movement.

The 58-page guide provides background on design considerations for floor vibrations, including who is responsible for these considerations, what design parameters might reduce the chance of floor vibration, how much vibration is noticeable by building occupants and what the human tolerance criteria for rhythmic excitations are. In addition, the digest includes information on vibration software and finite element analysis and remedial measures to address problem floors. The new content builds on the historical work of Ted Galambos, P.E., Ph.D., emeritus professor of structural engineering at the University of Minnesota, and was reviewed by the SJI Research and Engineering Practice Committees.

Technical Digest No. 5 is part of a series of SJI publications designed to provide readers with guidance on the application and usage of steel joists and joist girders. The Technical Digests highlight specific areas for the benefit of architects, building inspectors, building officials, designers, engineers, erectors, students and others.

The publication sells for $30 (plus shipping and handling within the continental U.S.). To order a hardcopy or download an electronic copy, visit