Steel Shots: Sculpture Finalists Headed to NASCC


Attending NASCC: The Steel Conference in Nashville next week? Between sessions and browsing the exhibit hall, check out this year’s Steel Sculpture Competition finalists and vote for your favorite! The ultimate winner will be chosen by conference attendees.

Fourteen sculptures were entered into this year’s competition by AISC full and associate members for a chance to be one of five finalists on display at the conference. The finalists were chosen via, where fans were able to view photos of the sculptures and vote for their favorites.

The top five finalists headed to The Steel Conference are: “Making Music with Steel” by Michelmann Steel; “Tearing Down the House” by Coastal Steel; “Compass Rose 001” by J.R. Hoe & Sons; “Structural Steel Supporting the World from the Inside Out” by Macuch Steel Products, Inc.; and “Steel Your Way Through Central PA” by Ritner Steel.

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