New Supplement to AISC Specification for Nuclear Facilities Available

Fig. C-A-N9.1.4. The expanse of SC walls separated into connection regions and interior regions.


A new Supplement No.1 (ANSI/AISC N690s1-15) to the AISC Specification for Safety-Related Steel Structures for Nuclear Facilities (ANSI/AISC N690-12) is now available. ANSI/AISC N690, a companion standard to the AISC 2010 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings, applies to the design of safety-related steel structures and steel elements in nuclear facilities.

"The new AISC N690 supplement adds specifications for the design of steel-plate composite (SC) walls, which is one of the most important developments for the nuclear industry in several years,” said Amit Varma, professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and vice chair of the AISC Task Committee 12 Adhoc Subcommittee, which developed the new supplement. “Several new nuclear plant designs are using SC walls for their safety-related structures. The publication of this industry consensus code / standard, developed based on international research, will facilitate the design, regulatory review, and eventual licensing of new nuclear plants in the U.S. and abroad."

The 2015 supplement has been seamlessly integrated into the 2012 standard for ease of use. The complete document is available as a free download from the AISC web site at A limited number of printed copies are also available for purchase in the AISC bookstore for $12.50 (AISC members) and $25.00 (nonmembers), plus shipping and handling.