Purdue’s S-BRITE Center Offers Hands-on Training for Bridge Inspectors

Deck truss node specimens erected at S-BRITE. (Photo courtesy of S-BRITE) 

As the country decides how and where to spend future transportation funding dollars, Purdue University’s Steel Bridge Research, Inspection and Training Engineering Center (or S-BRITE Center) is working to determine the conditions of Indiana and the nation’s infrastructure as a vital piece of the puzzle, Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports.

The grassy field next to the Purdue University Airport has a wide gravel path cutting through its middle, with slabs of concrete dotting the field. On top of the slabs are pieces of steel, dozens of feet long, most of them a few feet off the ground, elevated by concrete blocks.

As S-BRITE Center director Robert Connor points out, these pieces of steel – parts of decommissioned or collapsed bridges – have been collected from across the country, including a railroad bridge from Lansing County, Mich., and a highway bridge that spanned I-65 on the east side of Indianapolis.

The bridge gallery is Robert Connor’s brainchild. Its purpose is to educate and train bridge inspectors and to improve the practice of inspecting.

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