MoDOT Giving Away Historic Bridges

Seven bridges on the MoDOT site are available for reuse or relocation, including the five-span steel truss Champ Clark Bridge over the Mississippi River connecting Louisiana, Mo. with Pike County, Ill. (Photo: MoDOT) 

Anyone want a free bridge? The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) currently has seven historic bridges (all of which are steel) that are available for reuse or relocation.

According to MoDOT, when the state takes on bridge projects that require the removal of a historic bridge, the department or its local transportation partners must make them available for use by others. The recipient must agree to preserve the bridge and the features that give it historic significance--and also accept future legal and financial responsibility for the bridge. To assist in the relocation of a bridge, up to 80% of the costs that would have been spent to demolish the bridge may be available to reimburse the new owners for their reuse.

Anyone interested in seeking more information or submitting a proposal are encouraged to visit MoDOT's Free Bridges website at