First Quarter Engineering Journal Now Available

Detailed model of a WUF-B connection: (a) full model, (b) beam, (c) bolt, and (d) shear tab.

The first quarter 2016 issue of AISC’s Engineering Journal is now available at You can view, download and print the current digital edition.

 Articles in this issue include:

  •  “Analysis and Design of Stabilizer Plates in Single-Plate Shear Connections” by Patrick J. Fortney and William A. Thornton

  • “Connection Design Recommendations for Improved BRBF Performance” by Keith D. Palmer, Charles W. Roeder and Dawn E. Lehman

  • “Finite Element Modeling of Steel Moment Connections with Fracture for Structural Fire Analyses” by Mina Seif, Therese Mcallister, Joseph Main and William Luecke

  • “Fatigue Testing and Retrofit Details of High-Mast Lighting Towers” by Ryan J. Sherman, Matthew H. Hebdon and Robert J. Connor

You can also search the complete EJ archive at Current and past articles are free to AISC members and ePubs subscribers; non-AISC members may subscribe to EJ at the AISC bookstore.

Is there a steel design topic that you would like to see addressed in more detail? EJ is always looking for ideas for papers. Authors interested in submitting papers should contact Margaret Matthew, editor, at See the author guidelines.