Touring Chicago’s New River Point Tower

Forty-five young architects toured the construction site of Chicago’s new River Point office tower last week, hosted by AISC on behalf of the Young Architects Forum of Chicago. For many of the attendees, it was their first experience visiting a jobsite. The event also included a lunch presentation about the project.

Presentations were given by project team members including MKA Project Manager, Adam Theiss, and the general contractors at Lend Lease, who unfolded the story of the structural steel super frame for the 52-story office tower, from concept through construction. The geometry of the building is coordinated with existing live rail tracks below grade, which address the curves of the site. The project also features open spaces created with long spans, which are ideal for the office floor plates, and the lighter weight of steel was critical for the building, reducing column sizes per floor and ultimately the overall load on the foundations.  

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