Pterodactyl Office in Culver City, Calif., Presented with IDEAS2 Award

Included this photo are, top right and second from right, Eric Owen Moss of Eric Owen Moss Architects and Hooman Nastarin of NAST Enterprises, the structural engineer and the entering firm in the competition; with Moss Architects staff and Lorena Arce, AISC structural steel specialist for L.A. Seated right to left, owners Frederick and Laurie Samitaur Smith; and Peter Brown, Samitaur Constructs. (Top photo: AISC; Bottom photo: Tom Bonner) 

AISC presented members of the project team of the Pterodactyl Office in Culver City, Calif., with the 2017 IDEAS2 Award for excellence in steel-frame building design during ceremonies held at the building on Monday.

Charlie Carter, SE, PE, PhD, president of AISC, commented, “It would be hard to imagine a better demonstration of how steel as a material, imaginative architectural and structural design, and construction skill can come together to create a unique opportunity. This project is further proof that there’s always a solution in steel!”

This angular office building was constructed right on top — and hanging over the side—of an existing four-story steel-framed parking garage. And a number of the existing columns are cantilevered beyond the top of the parking structure to provide support for the mezzanine and roof superstructure. Structurally, the building is made up of a series of nine rotated “boxes” that provide just enough space at the corners and at their intersections to efficiently house the elements of the structure.

For more on this project and all of this year’s IDEAS2 award winners, see “2017 IDEAS2 Awards” in our May issue.

AISC is accepting entries for the 2018 IDEAS2 competition at The entry deadline is October 6, 2017.