Ralph Modjeski Documentary Airs Tonight in Philadelphia

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, tune into your local PBS - WHYY station at 9 p.m. (ET) to view the documentary film, Bridging Urban America: The Story of Ralph Modjeski. The movie illustrates the life story of Ralph Modjeski, one of America’s greatest bridge designers, and his influence as an engineer, entrepreneur, artist and innovator. It also highlights some of the significant steel bridges he designed that are still in service today — and will remain critical parts of North America’s infrastructure.

“The film showcases the melding of artistry and practicality, which defined Modjeski’s approach to bridge design. For those interested in urban history, bridge engineering, celebrity and entrepreneurship of the early 20th century, this documentary will be a magnificent cinematic experience,” explains documentarians Basia and Leonard Myszynksi of sOlar eye communications, the film’s producer.

The documentary premiered during national SteelDay in September. Purchasing information for the DVD is available on the film’s website at