AISC and Steel Erectors Collaborate to Improve Erector Certification Requirements

AISC has revised its indemnity agreement for certified erectors to make it more equitable for all parties. "Before, the indemnification clause only protected AISC; now it goes both ways, with each party indemnifying each other," explained Mark Trimble, AISC's vice president of certification.

The question that resulted in the change was raised by a program participant, who also shared the concern with the Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA). AISC staff and SEAA members collaborated and the result is language that protects both AISC and the certified companies.

AISC's certification program for erectors is designed to make sure quality is built in from the start of a project. "AISC certification goes far beyond product inspection requirements; it examines a company's quality management systems as a whole," Trimble explained. "The program results in a quality management system embedded within an organization to increase productivity, which helps to reduce unnecessary costs and ensure the quality of processes. The result is better quality without the need for special inspection. AISC-certified companies are required to have a complete QMS (quality management system) that covers the entire fabrication or erection process, from quality goals to employee training to product delivery. The goal is to make the company better, every day, while also providing outstanding value to the project's owner."

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