Time-lapse Video Captures Mercedes-Benz Stadium Construction

The Atlanta Falcons and EarthCam have released a time-lapse video documenting the three-year construction of the Mercedes-Benz stadium, which features a signature steel-framed retractable roof structure. The two-minute video shows the transformation of the new sports and entertainment venue, which held the Falcons’ first home football game last weekend.

More than 27,000 tons of steel was used for the 14.5-acre roof, which was fabricated by Canam Steel (an AISC member and certified fabricator). The oval-shaped, aperture-style structure consists of eight radially organized interlocking petals that form a central overhead oculus, and these movable petals are supported by an extensive network of steel trusses. The roof is designed to open and close in less than 10 minutes via what the architects have described as a “camera lens-like” effect. A 58-ft-tall video board hangs from the circumference of the roof opening, encircling the field.

For detailed information about the project, see the article “Rise Up” in our March issue.