The Must-Watch Netflix List for the AEC Industry

In honor of the engineering movie Dream Big landing on Netflix this month, we’ve compiled a list of the top AEC-related content on the streaming platform.

Dream Big

Narrated by Jeff Bridges, this compelling documentary examines some incredible achievements of engineering from across the globe. The movie is presented by Bechtel Corporation in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

American Experience: Tesla

Inventor and genius Nikola Tesla, whose ideas revolutionized how electricity is used, envisioned technology that became indispensable decades later.

Mega Builders

This series follows engineering teams as they build the most dangerous, complex and amazing structures in modern history, using the latest scientific techniques.

Print the Legend

This award-winning, original documentary chronicles the race for market leadership in 3D printing, the next wave of technological evolution.

Top 10 Architecture

This series offers a fresh perspective on some of the most unique and beautiful buildings, structures and bridges from around the world.