Bering 92 Yacht Features Structural Steel Hull

Photo: Bering

The founder of the Bering Yachts range of steel-hulled explorer yachts, Alexei Mikhailov, envisioned his yachts being used for extended voyages on the open ocean, which can sometimes be perilous.

Mikhailov wanted to emulate the endurance and fortitude of the North Sea commercial ships, which are built to Scandinavian naval architectural standards, to withstand severe storms, icy conditions and rocky shoals. While some yachts use aluminum or fiberglass for their lightness, since both materials can crack, dent or shatter easier than steel, steel became Bering’s material of choice.

“Steel provides the strongest ratio of benefits of all available shipbuilding materials: strength, durability, ease of design and customization, fire resistance, ease of maintenance and repair, abrasion resistance,” the Bering website reads.

Bering believes that using steel makes their yachts capable, reliable and stable. The new Bering 92 yacht uses A36 marine-grade structural steel in the hulls and decks which creates a stronger framework and gives designers flexibility in placing interior bulkheads, allowing clients more room for customization with the floor plan. While maintaining the rigorous standards of the naval ship and Berings other lines before it, the Bering 92 offers a more contemporary design for a serious yacht connoisseur.

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