SteelFab, Inc. UpDates Apprentice Program to SteelFab University

AISC member fabricator SteelFab, Inc., recently changed the name of its SteelFab Apprentice Program to SteelFab University. Established in 2014, the program provides hands-on training to high school students who aren't seeking a two- or four-year post-secondary education. As of 2019, the program includes transportation to and from work for participants of the program. SteelFab aims to achieve 100% job placement for all apprentices who complete the program. 

"We are committed to being proactive and creative to attract smart young people, sometimes in communities that are not thriving," said Rob Burlington, president of SteelFab of Virginia. "We want to be a solution for kids who may not want or be able to go to college, but are ambitious."

SteelFab University offers high school students paid apprenticeships in many areas including paint application, machine operation, welding, fitting, and maintenance. Personal mentors work with each apprentice to provide job training and professional guidance and also help them transition into the workforce.

"The single most important concept we have installed is the mentor-mentee relationship," said aid Glenn Sherrill, CEO of SteelFab. "We assign all apprentices and new hires a mentor. This mentor not only helps the transition by teaching the individual how to work in the steel business but also helps them with life skills. We are hoping that the mentor will become a positive influence for the apprentice, helping that person to become accepted and feel like part of the SteelFab family."

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