Former US Senator Evan Bayh Publishes Op-Ed on Biden, Steel, and SpeedCore

Photo Courtesy of MKA

RealClearPolitics, a widely read publication in D.C. and New York, recently published an op-ed by former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh. Bayh's piece, "Biden's Plan to Build Back Better With American Steel," focuses on how the Biden administration will prioritize rebuilding America and creating new jobs. He emphasized American-made steel and new technologies like SpeedCore will help achieve these goals.

"SpeedCore, a revolutionary composite steel wall core, is being used in new construction projects around the country," Bayh wrote. "In the U.S., the Rainier Square Tower, a striking 58-story mixed-use high-rise building in Seattle, was the first built using this new innovation in steel. The building took only 10 months to erect, and SpeedCore shaved 43% off the construction time compared to traditional alternatives that include curing time for each concrete pour. The steel in SpeedCore can support up to four floors of decking by itself, making it possible to erect four floors in a week."

Bayh noted that direct investments in such innovations will save millions in construction costs, allow for earlier occupancy of new buildings, and be built with materials made in the U.S. Launching new construction projects will help Americans get back to work in the post-pandemic economy. 

Read Bayh's full op-ed here.