AISC Congratulates Larry Kruth and Cindi Duncan on their Retirements

2023 marks a new year and a new chapter for two outstanding leaders at AISC: retirement!

Vice President of Engineering and Research Lawrence F. Kruth, PE, has spent more than four decades in the structural engineering world. He spent almost 40 of those years at Douglas Steel Fabricating Corporation in Lansing, Mich., where he served as a vice president and member of the Board of Directors. He retired from Douglas Steel in 2015 and joined AISC as the vice president for engineering and research the following November. He’s held that position since then and is succeeded by Christopher Raebel, SE, PE, PhD.

“Larry brought a unique skillset to AISC,” said AISC President Charles J. Carter, SE, PE, PhD. “He had decades of experience as a steel fabricator, he was well-respected as an engineer in the design community, he was a long-time volunteer on AISC’s technical committees, and he had even served on AISC’s Board of Directors.”

While Larry is an expert in contractual matters, connection design, and quality control and assurance, he was perhaps best known for his work on safety. “Larry helped breathe new life into AISC’s safety programs both for the industry and also for our staff,” Carter said. “One of his legacies, for example, is an ongoing program at AISC to make sure almost every staff member is CPR-certified.”

Kruth discussed his amazing career in a 2018 AISC Podcast.

Senior Director of Engineering Cynthia Duncan also retired at the end of the year. She joined the Institute in 1985--as AISC'S first engineer of her gender--and has been integral to the development of all AISC standards, specifications, and manuals since then. Cindi left AISC for a few years in the mid-1990s to raise her family, before returning to lead AISC’s specifications and publications work.

“Cindi was already a staff engineer at AISC when I started in 1991,” said Carter. “Cindi changed AISC. She was a trailblazer, and her success paved the way for a generation of women who are now leaders at AISC. But more importantly, Cindi led the way to a more professional standards development process. She helped us become a better organization by emphasizing proper committee methods first and foremost. Her work to consolidate, coordinate, and streamline our standards was integral to our ANSI accreditation.”

Duncan discussed her life and career in a 2022 Modern Steel Construction Field Notes podcast.

Congratulations to both of these outstanding engineers!