AISC Releases End-Plate Moment Connection Design Guide

Structural steel designers have a valuable new resource for the design of end-plate moment connections in AISC Steel Design Guide 39, End-Plate Moment Connections, which is now available at

"It's a great addition to the AISC toolbox of publications," said Cives Steel Corporation Chief Engineer Brian Volpe, PE, SE, LEED AP. "The team did a fantastic job unifying Design Guides 4 and 16 and adding the latest research."

The new design guide, written by Virginia Tech's Matthew Eatherton, SE, PhD, and Thomas Murray, PE, PhD, reviews how to use yield line analysis to determine end-plate strength, details design procedures for determining required bolt strength, and provides 15 end-plate moment connection configurations.

"Researchers have extensively explored the design of end-plate moment connections since the publication of AISC's previous two design guides about end-plate connections," said AISC Vice President of Engineering and Research Christopher H. Raebel, SE, PE, PhD. "Design Guide 39 incorporates the latest information to create the go-to resource for designers."

The new design guide also includes 30 design examples for gravity, wind, and low-seismic-ductility design; three examples for high-seismic-ductility design; and a comprehensive literature review.

Design Guide 39 is available for download at Like all digital design guides, it is free for AISC members; printed verisons are also now available for purchase.