National Steel Bridge Alliance

Bridges to Prosperity

Making a difference in Rwanda

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) is a nonprofit organization that builds footbridges in isolated communities across the world. It's something we're particularly proud to support because it gets to the heart of what bridges are all about: connecting people.

Since 2016, NSBA-led Bridges to Prosperity projects have connected some 4,300 people to schools, health care, and markets.

In February 2022, NSBA and Bridges to Prosperity built a 62-m suspension bridge in Rwanda--NSBA's fourth such project and the first Bridges to Prosperity project in Rwanda! They built the Munini Trail Bridge, largely by hand, in only 10 days.

NSBA led a delegation representing various DOTs, bridge design consultants, and AISC/NSBA members to connect a community of 2,600 people to schools, health care, and markets.

Building the Munini Trail Bridge was the experience of a lifetime--and we’re planning another trip to Rwanda this summer!  If you’re interested in learning more or participating in a future build, please contact Jeff Carlson at

Previous NSBA/Bridges to Prosperity Projects

2019: La Marca, Bolivia

2018: El Macho, Panama

The construction and opening of the Puente El Macho

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2016: Lura, Panama

Click here to learn more about B2P and how you can become a volunteer or industry partner.