National Steel Bridge Alliance

Bridges to Prosperity

Making a difference in Rwanda

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) is a nonprofit organization that builds footbridges in isolated communities across the world. It's something we're particularly proud to support because it gets to the heart of what bridges are all about: connecting people.

Since 2016, NSBA-led Bridges to Prosperity projects have connected some 4,300 people to schools, health care, and markets.

In February, NSBA and Bridges to Prosperity built a 62-m suspension bridge in Rwanda--NSBA's fourth such project and the first Bridges to Prosperity project in Rwanda! They built the Munini Trail Bridge, largely by hand, in only 10 days.

NSBA led a delegation representing various DOTs, bridge design consultants, and AISC/NSBA members to connect a community of 2,600 people to schools, health care, and markets.

Building the Munini Trail Bridge was the experience of a lifetime--and you can participate in the next build. We’re planning another trip to Rwanda next summer!  If you’re interested in learning more or participating in our next build, please contact Jeff Carlson at

Previous NSBA/Bridges to Prosperity Projects

2019: La Marca, Bolivia

2018: El Macho, Panama

The construction and opening of the Puente El Macho

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2016: Lura, Panama

Click here to learn more about B2P and how you can become a volunteer or industry partner.