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Steel Centurions Series


Building 100-Year Steel Bridges... For Over 100 Years!

Our nation's rich past was built on immovable determination and innovation that found a highly visible expression in the construction of steel bridges. The Steel Centurion series offers a testament to notable accomplishments of prior generations and celebrates the durability and strength of steel by showcasing bridges more than 100 years old that are still in service today. 

The articles below are from the Steel Centurions series that was published in Modern Steel Construction from 2011-2014. 



A Direct Lift (December 2014)

Back in Action (September 2013)

Brooklyn's Other Bridge (June 2013)

Crossing the Delaware (September 2014)

Erie Canal Bridge (September 2012)

Greenspot Road Bridge (June 2012)

In(to) the Loop (December 2013)

Long Life for Longfellow (June 2014)

Philadelphia Falls (March 2014)

Portland's 1912 Steel Bridge (March 2012)

Sacramento's I Street Bridge (September 2011)

Serving the South Side (December 2012)

Still Swinging (March 2013)

The Brooklyn Bridge (June 2011)

The Eads Bridge (March 2011)

The Washington Bridge (December 2011) 



Brooklyn Bridge, New York