National Steel Bridge Alliance

AISC Certified Bridge Members

AISC full members and certified companies fabricate high-quality, sustainable steel for bridge projects. Looking for a bridge fabricator in your region? Use our interactive map to find AISC bridge fabricator full members and certified companies based on their location and certification category. 

Using the Map

If you’re looking for a fabricator who can fabricate straight bridges with unspliced rolled sections, select the “Simple” Certification option.

The “Intermediate” Certification option will provide a list of fabricators producing spliced plate girder bridges.

Fabricators in the “Advanced” category handle bridges requiring an additional standard of care in fabrication--think tub or trapezoidal box girders, arches, bascule bridges, cable-support bridges, moveable bridges, etc.

The “Other” category offers great resources for components like handrails, bearings, light and sign support structures, expansion joints, etc.

Looking for more information on the different certification categories for a bridge fabricator or the scope of the component program? You’ll find answers to these questions and more at our Bridge Certification Summary page.

Find a Certified Bridge Fabricator