National Steel Bridge Alliance

Folded Steel Plate Girder Bridge

Special Award Winner—Technological Advancement

Muskingum County, Ohio, breaks new ground in the short-span bridge market with the first press brake tub girder structure to utilize the SPS Deck system. The all-steel solution saved the community from a lengthy closure while the shallow superstructure and lack of a horizontal surface is a big benefit to the owner because of the structure’s location over a stream that is prone to flooding.

“Using innovative construction practices to beat out conventional construction methods goes to show that engineers shouldn't accept the status quo,” said Frank Russo, PE, PhD, Michael Baker International, a judge in the competition.

Prize Bridge Information

  • Year Awarded: 2018
  • Location: Muskingum County, OH
  • Owner: Muskingum County Engineer's Office
  • General Contractor: US Bridge (AISC Member)
  • Detailer: US Bridge (AISC Member)