Design Guides

AISC has produced more than 30 design guides to provide detailed information on various topics related to structural steel design and construction.

Design guides are available in printed format and as downloadable PDF documents. Downloads are free for AISC members. Select your format preference to browse our collection.

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Please be mindful of the publication date of each Design Guide and the standards to which it was written. Since each Design Guide was published, a number of changes have possibly occurred in the industry. One significant change is that all channels, plates, and angles are now more commonly 50 ksi material rather than 36 ksi material; please refer to the AISC Steel Construction Manual Part 2 for preferred materials.

AISC Specification and Manual Editions Referenced in AISC Design Guides
This document is a summary of publication dates and the AISC Specifications and Manuals that are referenced in each Design Guide.