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Steel Construction Manual

The 15th Edition is here!

Resources for the 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual are under development and will be posted as soon as they are available. Thank you for your patience.

14th Edition Resources

Design Examples

The V14.2 Design Examples replaces V14.1 and is keyed to the 14th Edition Steel Construction Manual and the 2010 Specification for Structural Steel Buildings.

V14.2 Design Examples

Shapes Database

The AISC Shapes Database version 14.1 (V14.10) replaces V14.0 and contains electronic access to section dimensions and properties consistent with the AISC Steel Construction Manual, 14th Edition, 3rd printing. U.S. customary and metric units are both included. The AISC Shapes Database Version 14.1 is available in Microsoft Excel format.

Major improvements in V14.1 include:

  • Addition of single angle dimensions: Wa, Wb, Wc, Za, Zb, and Zc
  • Revised symbols for width, height and slenderness ratio for HSS
    • B = nominal width
    • b = flat wall width
    • b l tdes = width-to-thickness ratio
    • Ht = nominal height
    • h = flat wall height
    • h / tdes = height-to-thickness ratio

The AISC Shapes Database V14.1H (Historic) provides electronic access to dimensions and properties of shapes published in the AISC Manual since the 5th Edition and shapes from before that era as originally published in the book Iron and Steel Beams 1873-1952 (the predecessor to AISC Design Guide 15, AISC Rehabilitation and Retrofit Guide). Thus, this database is the compilation of all of the structural steel shape dimensions and properties recorded by AISC from the year 1873 to 2005.

New Shape Sections

Periodically, new shape sections are added to ASTM A6. Provided below are design tables for the new shapes similar to table 1-1 and table 4-1 of the Steel Construction Manual.

Heavy W-Shapes
include W14, W21, W36, and W40 sizes

Large L-Shapes
includes leg sizes up to 10 and 12 inches

Jumbo HSS (ASTM A500 Grade B)
have increased width and thickness



ASTM A1085

ASTM A1085: New HSS Standard
In the second quarter of 2013, a new ASTM standard for HSS was released titled ASTM A1085. The new standard provides an HSS with improved performance and can result in more efficient steel designs. AISC has prepared a number of resources below to help introduce A1085 into the steel marketplace and to help engineers use it in design. Shapes are available in square, round and rectangular sections.

Shape Dimensions and Section Properties
Shape dimensions and section property tables are available in PDF format based on the nominal wall thickness for square, round and rectangular A1085 HSS.

The following are contacts for producers of ASTM A1085.

*denotes AISC member

Atlas Tube*
Bradlee Fletcher
Sales Engineer
227 W. Monroe St., 26th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

Bull Moose Tube Company
Mark Abernathy
Director of Engineered Sales
1819 Clarkson Rd., Ste 100
Chesterfield, MO 63017

EVRAZ North America*
Mike Koslosky
National Sales Manager - HSS
8735 N. Harborgate St.
Portland, OR 97203

Bill Synder
EVP and General Manager
811 Atlantic St.
N. Kansas City, MO 64116

Independence Tube*
John Tassone
Manager of Marketing
6226 West 74th St.
Chicago, IL 60638

Searing Industries
Glenn Baker
Vice President of Sales
8901 Arrow Route
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Southland Tube
Patrick Limbaugh
Marketing & Sales Specialist
3525 Richard Arrington, Jr., Blvd. North
Birmingham, AL 35234

VEST Incorporated
Chris Knox
Vice President of Sales
6023 Alcoa Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90058

ASTM A1085 Flyer
A brief overview of ASTM A1085

View flyer

Interactive Reference List

Browse all of the literature referenced in the 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual, sorted by the part of manual in which the reference appears. Part 5 does not contain any references to other publications. 

Browse the Interactive Reference List

Some content hosted on the AISC web site is available only to AISC members as part of their member benefits. Some of the references are linked to the web sites of other associations where they can be accessed for a fee.