Electric Oasis

Electric Oasis

What if you could use structural steel to give existing gas stations new lives as charging hubs for electric vehicles--while cleaning longstanding contamination from the site?

That's exactly what Christopher Taurasi, Lexi White, and Jeffrey Lee of LVL (Level) Studio imagined in Electric Oasis, their 2023 Forge Prize finalist design.

At a proposed location outside of Los Angeles, treelike steel canopies provide shade from the hot California sun and house systems that provide bio-remediative aeration to clean up ethanol contamination from old fuel storage tanks.

Taurasi, White, and Lee are working with Schuff Steel Senior Vice President Christopher Crosby to refine this idea, which is the star of this week's digital jigsaw puzzle!

Electric Oasis is one of three inspiring, futuristic designs in the running to win $10,000 on March 30. Who will win? Tune in live at at 11:30 a.m. Central on March 30 to watch the 2023 Forge Prize finalists present their ideas to the judges!