Grand Avenue Bridge

Grand Avenue Bridge

Uncoated weathering steel (UWS) is a central feature of the Grand Avenue Bridge, a five-span trapezoidal steel tub girder bridge in Glenwood Springs, Colo. that won a Prize Bridge Award in 2020. While it makes for eye-catching bridges, UWS has benefits that go way beyond the surface.

For instance, since UWS doesn't require any applied coating, it speeds up steel bridge construction while reducing long-term costs and environmental impacts. UWS has inherent corrosion protection, so the steel is ready for erection much faster than coated members. This shaves time off the construction schedule, and even long after construction, it minimizes traffic disruptions due to decreased maintenance needs.

With the long and successful history of UWS in bridges, many best practices for achieving favorable performance are well-established--and now you can find out all the important takeaways with NSBA's new Uncoated Weathering Steel Reference Guide!

Download the guide to learn about site and location considerations, design recommendations, structural design, detailing, maintenance, and more!