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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Unified Stability Design of Steel Structures Using Nonprismatic and Curved Members 0 Mar 2022 Donald White SSRC
Cold-formed steel strength predictions for torsion 0 Mar 2022 Yu Xia; Benjamin W. Schafer; Hannah B. Blum SSRC
Three-dimensional frame buckling benchmark problems for direct analysis method in ANSI/AISC 360-16 0 Mar 2022 Heera M Titus; Arul Jayachandran SSRC
The GCM-FE Method for the advanced analysis of steel frameworks and connections 0 Mar 2022 Shen Yan; Kim J. R. Rasmussen SSRC
Strength evaluation of steel columns significantly deformed due to manmade or natural disasters 0 Mar 2022 Yongwook Kim; Qian Wang SSRC
SIPC - A practical geometric nonlinear analysis method for the design of metal structures 0 Mar 2022 Ronald Ziemian; Constance Ziemian SSRC
Sensitivity of post-buckling behaviour of single layer reticulated shells to loading and member imperfections 0 Mar 2022 Aswin Kumar Jeyabalan; Raghavan Ramalingam SSRC
Parametric Study on the Local Buckling of High Strength Steel Stub Columns under Axial Compression 0 Mar 2022 Dileep Bengaluru Chandrashekhar; Rachel A. Chicchi SSRC
Lacing and unsupported chord stability characteristics in short CFS built-up columns : Tests, FEA and design aspects 0 Mar 2022 M. Adil Dar; Dipti Ranjan Sahoo; Arvind K. Jain; Abhishek Verma SSRC
Is Your Non-Building Structure Suitably Braced: A Third Case Study in a Series 0 Mar 2022 Perry S Green; Hunter J. Brown SSRC
High-fidelity modeling of fracture-critical welded steel beam-to-column connections and their impact on earthquake stability of buildings 0 Mar 2022 Francisco A. Galvis; Gregory G. Deierlein; Wen-Yi Yen; Carlos Molina Hutt SSRC
FEM-based design for global and local buckling interaction of welded box-section columns 0 Mar 2022 Mohammad Radwan; Balázs Kövesdi; László Dunai SSRC
Finite element model based design rules for cold-formed steel storage-rack upright beam-columns 0 Mar 2022 Umeshkumar T. Mourya; Arul Jayachandran Sanjeevi SSRC
Exploring the effects of clip flexibility on the behavior of standing seam diaphragms to brace cold-formed steel purlins 0 Mar 2022 Michael W. Seek SSRC
DSM-based Design Approach Against Flexural-Torsional and Global-Global Interactive Failures in CFS Columns 0 Mar 2022 Elisa Losada Cerqueira; Alexandre Landesmann; Dinar Camotim; André Rafael Dias Martins; Pedro Borges Dinis SSRC
Constrained finite element analysis with displacement mapping: application to thin-walled members with holes 0 Mar 2022 Trung Hoang; Sandor Adany SSRC
A Theoretical Study on Distortion Induced Fatigue of Slender Web Curved I-girders subjected to Pure Bending 0 Mar 2022 Mehran Jalali Moghadam; Justin D. Marshall; James S. Davidson SSRC
Verification and Validation of a Nonlinear Analysis Model for Ponding 0 Mar 2022 Mark D. Denavit; Minjie Zhu; Michael H. Scott SSRC
Stiffness reduction factor requirements for the stability analysis of frames with rotary straightened W-shapes 0 Mar 2022 Hyeyoung Koh; Barry T. Rosson; Hannah B. Blum SSRC
Stability Considerations of Unequal-Leg Angle Stainless Steel Columns 0 Mar 2022 Max E. Laracuente; Edward J. Sippel; Hannah B. Blum SSRC