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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Strength of cold formed steel zed purlins supporting standing seam metal roofing systems under wind uplift 0 Apr 2023 S. Ravikanth Reddy, Arul S Jayachandran SSRC
Stability Considerations of Laser Fused Unequal-Leg Angle Stainless Steel Columns 0 Apr 2023 Max E. Laracuente, Edward J. Sippel, Hannah B. Blum SSRC
Stability Bracing Requirements for Lean-on Systems 0 Apr 2023 Aidan D. Bjelland, Claire E. Gasser, David J. Fish, Sunghyun Park, Todd A. Helwig, Michael D. Engelhardt, Eric B. Williamson, Matthew Hebdon, Matthew T. Yarnold, Stefan Hurlebaus SSRC
Response and Strength of Intermediately Stiffened Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns Formed from 100 ksi (690 MPa) Steel 0 Apr 2023 Damir Akchurin, Chu Ding, Brian Bogh, Shahabeddin Torabian, Benjamin W. Schafer SSRC
Refined Design Expression for the In-Plane Girder Stiffness of Torsional Beam Bracing Systems 0 Apr 2023 David J. Fish, Sunghyun Park, Todd A. Helwig, Michael D. Engelhardt SSRC
Rayleigh Ritz formulation for moment modification factors on lateral torsional buckling 0 Apr 2023 Namita Nayak, P M Anilkumar, Lakshmi Subramanian SSRC
Progression of failure in cold-formed steel diaphragms sheathed with steel deck 0 Apr 2023 Sheila Ariana, Hernan Castaneda, Kara D. Peterman SSRC
Probing the buckling of axially compressed thin stiffened cylindrical shells: Stability landscape and nondestructive prediction 0 Apr 2023 Kshitij Kumar Yadav, Simos Gerasimidis SSRC
Modeling Temperature-induced Instabilities for Tracing the Fire-induced Progressive Collapse in Steel-Framed Buildings 0 Apr 2023 Svetha Venkatachari, Venkatesh Kodur SSRC
Interactive failure mode and Design of Cold-formed Steel Closed Cross-section Built-up Columns 0 Apr 2023 Sivaganesh Selvaraj, Mahendrakumar Madhavan SSRC
Frame Design Using Nonprismatic Members -- Satisfying the Need for Speed 0 Apr 2023 Bálint Vaszilievits-Sömjén, József Szalai, Donald W. White SSRC
Flexural behaviour of wire arc additively manufactured tubular sections 0 Apr 2023 Cheng Huang, Xin Meng, Leroy Gardner SSRC
Experimental investigation on local stability enhancement of steel tubular profile introducing hybrid metal-polymer sections 0 Apr 2023 Ieva Misiunaite, Arvydas Rimkus, Viktor Gribniak SSRC
Experimental investigation of buckling of thin-walled cylindrical shells subjected to combined bending and torsion 0 Apr 2023 V. Ding, S. Torabian, X. Yun, A. Pervizaj, S. Madsen, B.W. Schafer SSRC
Experimental and numerical investigation of the impact of non-uniform end bearing conditions on the axial capacity of global height, unsheathed, cold-formed steel wall assemblies 0 Apr 2023 Divyansh R. Kapoor, Hernan Castaneda, Abbas Joorabchian, Zhanjie Li, Kara D. Peterman SSRC
Effect of strain hardening on the limit slenderness for semi-compact sections 0 Apr 2023 Patrick Studer, Andreas Taras SSRC
Design of steel beams affected by local/global coupled instabilities 0 Apr 2023 Lucile Gérard, Nicolas Boissonnade SSRC
Cold-formed steel strength predictions for combined bending and torsion 0 Apr 2023 Yu Xia, Robert S. Glauz, Benjamin W. Schafer, Michael Seek, Hannah B. Blum SSRC
Buckling strength sensitivity for thin-walled tubes with complex imperfections 0 Apr 2023 Ziqi Tang, Dehui Lin, Benjamin W. Schafer, Andrew T. Myers, Michael D. Shields SSRC
Brace Stiffness Quantification for Lean-on Bracing 0 Apr 2023 Claire E. Gasser, Aidan D. Bjelland, David J. Fish, Sunghyun Park, Matthew T. Yarnold, Todd A. Helwig, Stefan Hurlebaus, Eric B. Williamson, Michael D. Engelhardt, Matthew H. Hebdon SSRC