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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Spherically-Hinged Cold-Formed Steel Equal-Leg Angle Columns: Experimental Investigation and DSM Design 0 Apr 2019 Kathleen Guimaraes Santana and Alexandre Landesmann; Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Dinar Camotim and Pedro Borges Dinis; Universidade de Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
Spherically-Hinged Short-to-Intermediate Angle Columns Stability, Non-Linear Behavior and DSM Design 0 Mar 2017 Pedro B. Dinis and Dinar Camotim, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal SSRC
SSPC Surface Preparation Standards - Shop Painting of Structual Steel 1.5 Apr 2008 Bill Shoup, SSPC, Andrew Smith, International Paints; Todd Alwood, AISC NASCC
SSPC Surface Preparation Standards - Shop Painting of Structural Steel [F9] 0 Apr 2008 Bill Shoup; Andrew Smith; Todd Alwood NASCC
Stability Analyses for a Multi-Span Tied Steel Arch Bridge: AASHTO Effective Length Method, Eigenvalue Analysis and AISC Direct Analysis Method 0 Apr 2018 Jonathan Eberle and Soham Mukherjee; AECOM; Los Angeles, CA; Paul Kettleson; MnDOT; Saint Paul, MN; Daniel Baxter and Alexandra Willoughby; Michael Baker International; Chicago, IL SSRC
Stability Analysis [S4] 0 May 2011 A. Surovek NASCC
Stability Analysis and Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Columns 0 Apr 2012 Mark D. Denavit; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Urbana; IL; Jerome F. Hajjar; Northeastern University; Boston; MA SSRC
Stability Analysis of Single-Plate Shear Connections and Double-Coped Beams [N54] 0 Mar 2014 William A. Thornton; Patrick Fortney NASCC
Stability Analysis of Steel Columns under Cascading-Hazard of Earthquake and Fire 0 Mar 2017 Mehrdad Memari and Hussam Mahmoud, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO SSRC
Stability Analysis of Unbraced Steel Storage Racks: Discussions and Alternatives 0 Apr 2019 Maria A. Branquinho and Maximiliano Malite; University of Sao Paulo; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Luiz C.M. Vieira Jr.; University of Campinas; Campinas, Brazil SSRC