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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Stability of Columns [S7] 0 Mar 2017 NASCC
Stability of Connections and Assemblages [S10] 0 Apr 2018 Astrid Winther Fischer; Hernan Castaneda; Panos Pantidis NASCC
Stability of Connections and Assemblages [S8] 0 Apr 2019 NASCC
Stability of Continuous Steel Column Members at Elevated Temperatures 0 Mar 2014 C. St. Aubin and A.H. Varma; Purdue University; West Lafayette; IN SSRC
Stability of Curved Girders [S3] 0 Apr 2009 Cagri Ozgur; Donald W. White; Roberto T. Leon NASCC
Stability of Cylindrical Steel Panels under Uniform Axial Compression 0 May 2011 K.L. Tran; Paris-Est University; France; L. Davaine ; SNCF; St. Denis; France SSRC
Stability of Energy-Dissipating Steel Fuses in an Innovative Seismic System for Cold-Formed Steel Structures 0 Mar 2014 R. Comini and B.W. Schafer; Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore; MD SSRC
Stability of Extended Beam-to-Girder Shear Tab Connections Under Gravity Induced Shear Force 0 Mar 2017 Mohammad Motallebi and Colin A. Rogers, McGill University, Montreal, QC; Dimitrios G. Lignos, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland SSRC
Stability of Flexural Members [S3] 0 Apr 2018 Oguz Egilmez, PhD; Jean Batista Abreu, PhD; Bob Glauz, PE NASCC
Stability of Frames and Systems [S11] 0 Mar 2014 Ronald Ziemian NASCC