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The AISC Education Archives contains a collection of recorded webinars, conference proceedings and articles that can be accessed at any time. 

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Course Name PDH Date Author/Speaker Type
Reading Hardy Cross [N10A] 0 Apr 2013 Mike West NASCC
Composite Floor System Design Techniques [N14A] 0 Apr 2013 Will Jacobs; Sam Easterling NASCC
Second-Order Elastic Analysis - Who/What is Rigorous? [N17A] 0 Apr 2013 Benjamin Schafer; Luiz Vieira NASCC
Practical Use of the Direct Analysis Method [N21A] 0 Apr 2013 Louis F. Geschwindner NASCC
Steel Casting - Now Available in North America! [N23A] 0 Apr 2013 Rob Chmielowski; Carlos de Oliveira; Wayne Braun NASCC
How to Design a Cable or Cable-Net Wall Structure [N24A] 0 Apr 2013 Tom Meyer; Craig Hunington NASCC
Steel Fire Design Issues and Applications of AISC Appendix 4 [N25A] 0 Apr 2013 John Gross; William Luecke; Michael Engelhardt; Darlene Rini; Armin Wolski; Nestor Iwankiw; Jennifer Wiley NASCC
Industrial/Non-building Structures Design Challenges [N26A] 0 Apr 2013 Bo Dowswell; Peter Carrato; Carlos Aguirre NASCC
Structural Integrity Provisions of the Next AISC Specification [N33A] 0 Apr 2013 Charles J. Carter; Ronald D. Johnson NASCC
Self-Centering Braces and Controlled Rocking Systems: Reduced Damage of Seismic Braced Frames [N35A] 0 Apr 2013 Constantin Christopoulos; Jeff Evochko; Lydell Wiebe NASCC